From Idea to a Phrase: Paint a Song…

I can paint your favorite song.

How did the idea become a reality?
I start using title of songs for my paintings, and then I had this good idea, how it would be to try to “paint a song”
A song has a title, lyrics and music, joined to make people sing and enjoy.
A painting also has a title, objects and a sense of musical composition that make people want to be inside the canvas.
What has happen, is that a lot of people like the phrase when they read it, or listen to it, and they start to think: Which song is their favorite song?

Some people do not know what is their favorite song, and they do not know how a song can become a painting, and they ask questions, however most of the people have been really interested and think it is a great idea.

About Ana iS

Artist, watercolor and acrylic.
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